Cherishing the rich history of seven hundred years, Marathi literature has played a pivotal role in constituting the identity of Marathi as a language as well as the Maharashtrian culture. The post-independence era enabled the inclusion of all marginalized social strata in education. This cultivated an organic and rich harvest of fictional and nonfictional Marathi literature.

Globalization turned lifestyle in three-sixty degrees in Maharashtra. Language English was crowned as the language of “Development” and hence the language of education. This has distanced the young generation of Marathi-speakers away from Marathi literature.

This does not mean that youngsters have shied away from writing in Marathi; In fact, many are effectively handling lot many topics. However, at times, there seems to be lacking the art and craft of writing or the power of language. Sometimes, young writers are unable to get their hands on enough and required reading references. They require proper guidance, availability of perfect reference material bibliography, and last but not the least, financial support.

Yashawantrao Chavhan Centre is instituting the ‘Sharadchandra Pawar Sahitya Shishyawrutti Scheme’ to address this situation and assist the young writers to excel in their attempts. The Centre aims to locate the genuine writers with hidden writing schemes from all the strata of the society and aid them financially to orient and enhance their writing skills and to intensify their writing as well.

Hon’ble Shri. Sharadji Pawar is surely the one who continually and ably carried forward the legacy left by the first Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Late Shri. Yashwantraoji Chavhan. As a leader, Shri. Pawar always genuinely wished to make Maharashtra the number one in all walks of life. Materialistic advancement is inevitable and is a must, yet the eternal values of a society are pillars of its culture. Their importance can never be ignored. The augmented horizon of value-based culture is a paramount signature of advancement. The subjects like literature, art, culture, etc. should not be limited to financial affluence, since, they help to construct an ideological foundation for a new society.

The contribution of literature plays an important role in this kind of intervention. Shri. Pawar Sir has succeeded in creating a fondness towards the creation of literature for enriching life in marginal communities. He carried forward his Guru’s tradition of ‘reading’ which allowed him to remain connected to the world of literature despite many ups and downs in his political career. He maintained cordial relationships with many well-known litterateurs. He had always been like a strong pillar for many literature-related organizations. Given this, it was apt and natural to institute a scholarship in his name; named

“Sharadchandra Pawar Sahitya Shishyawrutti – Dhyas Sarvottamacha, Shodh Yuva Lekhakancha”