India is an agrarian country with over 58 percent of rural households depending on agriculture for basic income. With AI now being integrated with almost all sectors of the market it becomes vital to discuss a strategy for countries like India to introduce technologies like AI to directly impact the economy. In The Sharad Pawar Fellowship the fellows will learn several sectors of technology which in combination with Artificial Intelligence can greatly benefit the farmer community and food and agriculture sectors in general.

Technologies like blockchain, quantum computing and augmented reality among others can be used in conjunction with sub fields of AI to increase the agricultural throughput of farmers and enhance food security of the country. The fellows will learn several current technologies, possible improvements and explore ideas for industry experts and academics to analyze and work upon. The fellowship will provide end to end hands-on understanding of the process of innovation in the field of AI so that the fellows can convert their ideas of utilizing artificial intelligence in the food and agriculture sectors into reality.

The Sharad Pawar Fellowship has the following objectives in regards to the understanding and applications of deep tech in agriculture:

  1. To provide an introduction to the technical aspects of artificial intelligence and its various applications in the agriculture and food industries
  2. To familiarize fellows in applications of AI and allied advanced technologies such as augmented reality, blockchain, quantum computing, etc.
    in the food and agriculture sectors
  3. To provide hands-on training to fellows in the design, development, and execution of various artificial intelligence projects
  4. To develop an end-to-end understanding of the process of innovation right from basics of sensors and sensor development to advanced
    applications of AI in quantum computing
  5. To engage fellows with a varied panel of international experts accomplishing groundbreaking results on real world problems with the help of
    AI in industrial setting